Living thru a Pandemic

Nov. 11 2020

Hello Everyone who might stumble on this. Be it by coincidence or your actually curious to know. As we all know 2020 didn’t start so great. How we all wish for a normal year but who would have imagined these crazy times.

To most of us who have lost a loved one for those that are recovering. To the ones at home frightened to go outside. Yes this year has caused us fright and sadness, to tears that were shed. To you all I say don’t be frightened. You are not alone in this and May God bless you all and protect you all. Keep the Lord in your hearts 💕 and pray for peace and salvation of our world and people.

After every loss and suffering we need to seek the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes the journey is long and painful but I believe we can do this and overcome it. It will never be forgotten just merely engraved in our memories.

I Love You ch. III


“Riley wait!” the young Vlad had stopped Riley before she left his room. They had been friends since the start of senior year in high school. His family had moved to Isla Paraiso before the kids started back up on their senior year. Riley’s parents were renting the upstairs apartment and the McKenson’s decided to rent it out before saving up and buying a home.

It was the day of graduation and he just couldn’t help what he was feeling anymore. He realized something.


“What Vlad? we are going to be late”

He stared at her blue eyes, mesmerized by her beauty. He had noticed she has worn a dress, a blue short dress to be exact making her eyes stand out even more. She had never once, since he met her worn a dress or makeup. He wondered if the occasion has brought the change in her or if it was someone else.

He felt something in his chest,was it jealousy?

“ I want to tell you something important first” he couldn’t contain it much longer and pulled her.


Her body collided with his as he brought his arms around her waist.

“I have wanted to tell you something very important”

“What is it? We are going to be late Vlady”

His heart started to beat fast against his chest. He needed to say it now before it was too late. Maybe she felt the same but even if she didn’t she would at least know how he felt.


She had wrapped her arms around his neck enjoying the proximity. Closing her eyes as she waited for whatever he needed to tell her.

“Riley I Love You” there he said it, he felt relieved yet he felt her stiffen as he said it.

Uncertainty covered her expression “Riley?” he said her name not expecting her to let go so soon.

“I… I’m sorry” her body sprinted out of the room and out of his life. She had left to London Prestige University the next day, Miles away from home and miles away from him.


“I…I’m sorry” the scene replayed once again for the billion time since that day. He had always wondered what she was sorry for. ‘Come to think of it she hasn’t even said I Love you’ understanding the circumstances that didn’t stop him from what he had planned on doing next.

Vladimir was outside his home, observing his home as he overlooked it from the front porch.


‘Do I really need all of this?’ he questioned himself. ‘No’ he quickly answered back and smiled.

The house was located out in the outskirts of Isla Paraiso. It was a very long commute. It has been three days since he last seen Riley or even try to communicate with her. He has finally gotten the chance to end it with Janice the two nights before. It was four in the morning and he was more than eager to leave as soon as possible. He had to see a special someone and hopped that she had ended her relationship as well.


Riley had gone to answer the door and to her surprise “Laurence!” she shrieked not expecting his arrival so early.

He had expected that reaction from her and gave out a small chuckle in return “What no hug babe?”

Quickly composing herself she went for a hug…


Taken by surprised he kissed her, feeling his lips against her own Riley had no doubt which lips she preferred best. That simple thought made her pull away.

“I’m so…so sorry” they both heard a masculine voice apologize


“I’m sorry” Vladimir stood in shock; he certainly wasn’t expecting to walk in especially to witness this scenario. He wanted nothing more than to vanish that very moment.

“Laurence this is Vladimir, Vladimir this is Laurence my…” when she stopped at ‘my’ Laurence had already made his way towards Vladimir


“I’m Laurence Rossi Riley’s boyfriend, nice to meet you Vladimir…”

“McKenson, Vladimir McKenson” he added composing himself as they both shook hands.

“I’m sorry but are you the fiance of Janice McMillian?” Laurence had inquired

Vladimir quickly made eye contact with Riley as he answered the question “I was” then he looked back at Laurence before continuing “not anymore why?”

“No wonder you seemed a bit familiar but I read it on the newspaper about a week ago; since she is really famous they wouldn’t stop mentioning it all over the media”


“But I guess that doesn’t matter” Laurence lead out a small chuckle trying to lighten up the mood.

Vladimirs earlier words still rang in her mind ‘I was, not anymore’. Her hearth beating wildly against her chest so many things had started to clutter her mind.

“No it doesn’t, Riley where’s Isis?” Vlad said changing the topic and not wanting to chat with Laurence for much longer. His voice brought her back to the present stopping any further thoughts she so desperately tried to avoid.

“Ev…” she took a moment as she placed her palmed on her head releasing a deep sigh she didn’t know she was holding “everyone is in the living room”

Noticing her uneasiness Vlad wanted to desperately hold her in his arms and reassure her that everything will be fine. Didn’t true love matter more than being in a relationship that is only causing pain to her? But yet he couldn’t embrace her so he smiled at her and gave a slight nod before proceeding to join the rest.


He was glad that Riley and Laurence followed, he was mostly content he didn’t witness another passionate kiss or a cuddle.

“Oh hey guys we were planning on going to the beach house” Isis voiced out as she seen the rest joined them “Oh you must be Laurence nice to finally meet you, will you be joining us?”

“Beach house?” he questioned

“Yes it’s on a secluded beach about an hour away from here”

“Sure sounds fun”

“Ok well let’s eat first then we go ok, everyone meet outside in an hour”

Everyone had agreed to go and Riley had gotten up from where she sat as she made her way towards a different direction of the house as the rest made their way to the dinner table. Vladimir quickly followed her.


“Riley wait!” she stopped and turned to look at him “So that’s him huh” not really a question but he continued “So…” he stopped as he looked back at her

“Vlad I can’t” was her response “I can’t do this to him” by this time her eyes were beginning to get watery. Not wanting anyone to see she made a quick dash out to her room.

He stood there dumbstruck ‘she can’t’ this only made him wonder if she is really in love with Laurence after all. That simple thought caused the pain in his chest to reemerged, he hated that feeling and wished for this feeling to go away but his wished wasn’t granted. He walked away to join the others hoping that a distraction will ease the pain.


Isis had witness her best friend act weird these past few days, one day she was cheerful but the last couple of days she seemed to been crying mostly. She knows this because her eyes seemed to be sore from the crying and she also got the chance to hear some crying from the bathroom one day. She did ask what was wrong but all she got was ‘Nothing don’t worry’ she took her word for it, tough she did worry about it.

“Are you really alright Riley?” she just had to asked once more once her friend joined her to help with the dishes.



All the guys had made their way outside to load the SUV so it was only them two. The sun was starting to rise as a few rays made its way towards the trees outside.

“I’m not really sure what’s going on but I can take a guess and since you know what I’m about to say let me make it short” Riley started to grab the plates that Isis was handing to her too dry them off before placing them neatly on the dish rack.


“This what you guys are doing is only hurting one person more, but being in the middle of it and not ending it is hurting you more. You need to follow your heart and do what’s best for you. Although it may not be easy at first heartache is inevitable.”


“I’m telling you this because you’re my best friend and I want to see you happy”


They were almost done with the dishes before Riley spoke up. “I need to see my parents can I use your car Isis?”

Isis sighed and gave Riley an apologetic look “My car is in the shop Riley and we are all taking Marcelo’s car to the beach house since we all fit in it. The other person that has a method of transportation is Vladimir. He could take you if you wish.” Isis soon closed the faucet “Let’s go, shall we”

“…” Riley nodded in agreement she wanted to avoid Vladimir but seeing as it was her parent’s anniversary she wanted to drop by and visit before leaving to the beach house.


Earlier Laurence had invited his brother over.


“Babe Devin’s here and he brought two friends with him”

“Oh Vladimir can you take Riley to see her parents she would like to visit them before she meets up with us” Isis said as she and Riley had made their way towards them.

“No problem I’ll take her”

“You’re not coming with us then?” he turned his attention to Vladimir “Is that thing even safe”


“Yes its safe and don’t worry I’ll be careful” Vladimir grinned he was glad Riley wanted to make a quick stop. He will get the chance to have her close and all by herself.

“I trust you man and take care of my girl”

“I will”

All this time Riley just stood not saying a word many scenarios playing on her mind, none were decent or appropriate.

Laurence walked up to Riley and kissed her on the cheek “love you and be careful babe” he kissed her once more before joining the rest.


“You all right sweetheart” he couldn’t help saying it; to Vladimir there was a fine line difference between ‘babe’ and ‘sweetheart’ he prefer the latter.

“I’m fine” sure she was, wasn’t she? “Can we go please?” she looked at his motorcycle “Promise me you won’t let me fall from that!”

Raising his right hand as they do in court he said “I promise” before adding “just hold on to me really tight” he handed her the helmet “You need to wear this” he smiled as she started to panic “don’t worry love, I’ll be careful”

“If you say so” placing the helmet on her head she climb behind him. It felt so uncomfortable wearing that thing but she felt safe with him.


Upon arrival she had made herself towards the entrance. “Please wait for me here” and she started walking away from him.


He sighed as she walked away looking for her parents tomb stones. It didn’t take her long to find them since it was only a few distance from the entrance. He watched her from the distance; sadden to see his love break down in sobs. He hated to see her suffering and he hated what he had heard her say. ‘It wasn’t’ he told himself as he made his way towards her.


“I wasn’t your fault” he interjected as he wrapped his arms around her shaking body

She broke down in more sobs upon his embrace, unable to stop her aching heart “Yes…it…”

“Don’t” he interrupting her before she continued to blame herself. He let her cry her eyes out as he held her tight in his embrace.


Once her sobs subsided she moved away from his hold “I blame myself every day Vladimir, ever since the incident. If I would have known this” she pointed to the tomb stones “would have happen I would have never left. I wouldn’t have insisted them to make it to my gradation. They wouldn’t have gotten into that plane and they will still be alive.”

“Riley either way if it wasn’t by plane it would have been another way” he caught himself before he made it worse “I meant destiny has a way into working its way. Even though I would have loved for you to have stayed your parents were so proud of you.”


“They never stopped boosting about how great you were doing in France, they loved you very much and they wouldn’t want to see you like this. They wanted you to pursue your dreams of becoming an architect and they would have want you to be happy”


“Besides if you would have stayed we would have probably had three children by now” she let out a small giggle in response

“Three seriously?” she loved how he tried to cheer her up

“Yeah maybe you would have been expecting a forth by now”

“Whoa! Four!” surprised by the number of children, he nodded before he added “and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way but we should probably get going”

Nodding she turned away from him to faced her parents “don’t worry mom and dad I’m going to keep making you proud and I will come back to visit”


Outside the cabin.


Wait” he whisper to her grabbing hold of her hand before they got anywhere near the entrance

“Waa…” she was silenced


But by a passionate kiss from Vladimir. They stayed kissing for what seemed like eternity neither wanting to let go.


“What was that for?” she couldn’t help but to smile as she seen his lovely features

“I been wanting to kiss you, to remind you that I Love You!” he empathized on the ‘you’ before walking towards the side of the house. She sighed in amazement wondering where he was heading, she pictured herself running back into his arms but that thought soon left as quickly as it came as she decided to enter the house instead.

I Love You ch. II


The next day Isis made her way to Palms Resort with her significant other.


They waited patiently to be attended. The front lady at the reception then beckons them to step fort.


“Hello and Welcome to Palms Resort how can I assist you?”

“Hi ma name is Isis and one of my friends is staying here. Her name is Riley Harley”

The lady at the reception searched for the name “Well it seems that she called earlier saying that her friend is coming for her belongings. I’m guessing you’re that friend Isis McKenson correct?”

“Yes that’s me” Isis asserted taking out her ID and handed it to the receptionist.


“Ok I have her belongings” The lady walked to a room behind her and came out with two luggage’s

“Here you go” Marcelo took the luggage’s and headed to the car.

“Thank you Mrs. McKenson and hope to see you back soon”

“No thank you” Isis waved her goodbye


Four days later Vladimir and the others decided to go to the beach and relax. On this day Riley had told him that Laurence was going to join them. He believed that the person talking to Riley was the Laurence guy.


Yet for some reason he didn’t even try to kiss her once. It was odd for him not to even great his girlfriend with a kiss but deep down Vladimir was glad he didn’t get to witness it for he feared he will overreact.


He decided to go change to his swim trunks before Laurence decided to try anything slick with her. He sighed deeply before walking away.




Vladimir had noticed that the guy Riley was with had left a few minutes later. He took this chance and walked up to her. He couldn’t keep his eyes off from her and he got a gut feeling that the others had started to notice this even Janice had noticed his distance. He hated keeping his affections for Riley a secret he wanted more than anything to be free and express his love to the one girl he truly loved.


Janice wasn’t far from Vladimir she was getting agitated with that Riley girl. She hated how her fiance ignored her when she was around.


She decided that she needed to show her that she is his and that no one will come between them.


“So what did he say?” He questioned her once he was close enough

“That wasn’t him that’s his twin brother Devin; he just came to let me know that Laurence had an emergency to attend to and that he will be here in a couple of days.” He wondered if she was sad that he didn’t show up because all her eyes portrayed were sadness once she said it.

“No wonder he seem a bit distant with you, are you alright?”

yeah… and how about you? When are you planning on ending it?”

He sighed he tried to as well to end it with Janice but it never seem to be the right time. She was so caught up in her modeling career that they had barely seen each other until today.


But before he could reply “She’s coming” Riley had whisper to him

He turned around and soon his lips made contact with hers.


Trying her best to control her jealousy she had clenched her hands tightly, her finger nails digging deeper into her palms. “I’ll leave you guys alone” and with that Riley had walked away.


“Janice! What was that?” he sounded angry with her.

“What do you mean? I can’t even give my fiancé a kiss?” she questioned as she pouted innocently


He didn’t reply because Janice cell started to ring “Hi daddy… no problem I’ll tell him…. Love you too”

“Daddy says that he was able to get the meeting you been wanting. He also said to get your behind there as soon as possible since it was arranged for today at 1:30 p.m.”

‘Shit’ he cussed it was twelve he barely had time to make it.


He threw on his clothes and made a dash for it saying “see you later” to Janice not once kissing her goodbye.


It has been three hours later and Riley was relaxing in the sun reading a novel. It was one of her pastimes. She enjoyed reading Romance novels in particular.


After his meeting Vladimir sends a text, a big smiled plastered on his face. He wanted to celebrate and he knew with who he wanted to celebrate this occasion.


‘Hi beautiful are you busy’ she read her text it was from Vladimir her heart started to flutter

‘No not really why what’s up?’


‘I miss you, would you like to spend the rest of the evening with this hunk of a man’ he smiled to himself upon sending the text

‘Love too! Where?’ was her reply

‘Meet me outside of Palms Resort My <3’


Riley looked around, seen what the others were doing. Isis and Marcelo had gone on a boat ride together. Janice had fallen asleep while taking a tan.

‘O….’ her cell had gone dead she got frustrated with her cell cussing it in the process.


She had changed back into her clothing and soon found herself outside of Palms Resort. She hoped he will still show up since her cell had gone dead.


She observed her surroundings; it sure was a fancy Resort.


It even had a beautiful view of the ocean. She took it all in and wished herself enjoying her stay here. She would have when she arrived but she was still staying with Isis for the time being.


She took a seat on the edge of the lounge chair. Waiting for his arrival, ten minutes had passed and still no sign of him. The sun was getting ready to set and she was about to give up when she felt a familiar body scoot from behind.


Wrapping his hands around her waist “I thought you weren’t going to be here” his breath caressed her cheek “I’m glad you’re here” he added lovingly


“I was about to reply when my cell died on me” he nuzzled her face with his feeling her soft skin against his own.

“I Love you” was his response she couldn’t help but to smile back and relax in his arms


Though she didn’t say she loved him back he knew she did. “Are you hungry love?” he questioned as he kissed her cheek.

“I’m starving”

“Great me too” he kissed her several times down her jaw line before planting a final big kiss on her red lips.

“Were we going?” she sighed with enthusiasm every kiss he had given her send a great tingly sensation down her body.

“You’ll see” he scooped her up and carried her a few feet away


“This Resort has one of the top buffets in this entire town” he said as they took a seat. He decided to take her to the Palms Resort buffet. It was his favorite place to eat at.


Taking a bite Riley savored it “Hmm Delicious” she said after taking the bite

“I knew you will like it” he smiled lovingly at her watching her delightful facial expressions as she took another bite

They had chatted a bit during their courses. He finally informed her that he signed a deal with Palms Resort CEO and she was now looking at the new owner of Mea’s Resort. Palms were looking into opening a new resort and upon many proposals’ they appeal to Vladimir’s and decided for him to name it.


Riley chocked slightly “Mea’s Resort?” she furrowed her brows

“I hope you don’t mind that I used your middle name and besides the sponsors loved it. As do I”

They chatted for a little longer but Riley couldn’t help but to feel uneasy further into their dinner.


“Yes beautiful what is it?” He looked up at her after taking a bite himself. Noticing her stiffen in her seat he wondered what she was thinking. For some reason he didn’t like were this conversation was heading.


“I know we said that…” she hesitated before continuing “that we should see each other and keep our relation a secret”

“Yes beautiful I know it isn’t easy but very soon you and I will display our love” he added trying to sooth her uneasiness

“I been thinking” she had continue where she had left off.


He nodded for her to continue “It’s best if we stop this”

This took him by surprise “wa…what?” his voice had failed him

“I know you love me… but I can’t do this to Laurence, we need to end it first before we can be together” she took her last bite as she waited for him to say something. “I…I’m sorry”

“No need to be sorry Riley I understand” he did understood her even though it hurt him to admit it. They needed to end their relationship with their partners first. He believed Riley felt ashamed and dirty for cheating on Laurence.


Though they never went as far as kissing he agreed and next time he would see her he would make sure to have ended his engagement to Janice. He had thought all of this as he took his last bite.

“We should go” Riley stood from her chair as Vladimir had taken his last bite. They soon left back to Isis home not saying a word to one another on the way.

I Love You ch. I

This is a new story I’m working on Enjoy…


”Vladimir” Isis shouted as loud as her lung provided her


“Get your butt outside this instant!” once finished with the yelling she turned her attention to her guest.

It’s been years since she last seen her. Yet they had always stayed in contact with one another over the phone whenever they had the chance to reach the other.


Her guest looked backed at Isis unsure if it was the right decision. She wasn’t expecting him to be here, feeling uncertain she began to retreat but Isis stopped her in the process.


Sensing her uneasiness “Don’t worry, everything will turn out fine I promised” Isis had assured her guest.


The doors to the front of the house screeched as it was forced open. The two women turn their gaze at the two men that had exited but stopped on the porch to talk to one another. Isis sensing her friends’ uneasiness once again turns her gaze to her direction. She had seen her eyes glistening at the sight of him. She could tell that her friend still felt something for him. “Are you alright?” she had asked but all she got in returned was a subtle nod.


“Hey I just remember I forgotten my WD- 40 in your trunk two days ago” said the one in red

“WD-40?” the other questioned wondering what he was talking about

“Yes oil for the door hinge, so it would stop from giving such an annoying screech. I’ve been meaning to fix that but haven’t gotten around to it.”


“I guess I never noticed it” he sighed

Seen his buddy’s lack of awareness and even motivation the one in red patted his best friend on the shoulder “Don’t look so gloomy Vlad, what’s with you lately you seem zone out” Vlad shrugged “Just go for the dam oil already and stop asking questions, I seriously don’t want to answer it at this moment Marcelo”

“Just try to cheer up will you. I figured you would be since you’re getting married and all”

“Just go for your WD-40” Vlad said handing over his car keys



But before he started to move Marcelo turned his attention to the bottom of the stair case. He seen his beautiful girlfriend Isis standing there looking at them both. His eyes then traveled to the guest and stood there somewhat shock “Isn’t that……?” he couldn’t recall her name it has been such a long time. Vladimir hasn’t looked to see, he had other things in his mind. Being so distracted he didn’t even hear Marcelo the first time until he started slightly shoving him in the arm “Isn’t that R…?” it was at the tip of his tongue but before the name made it out of his lips Vladimir had beat him to it.


“Riley” her name came out in a whisper, something changed in him. His heart started to beat faster than usual. He had thought this feeling was gone for good but it wasn’t.


She still made him feel this way after such a long time.


They had both stared at each other with sadness in their eyes


Both men made their way to the women at the bottom of the staircase.

“Hi” he heard her faint voice, he noticed by the way she had said it that she wasn’t sure if being here was the best decision she had made. But why was she here? Why after such a long time did she just decide to make it here? Right when he was getting married in a few weeks’ time.

“Hello Riley” it didn’t matter though he was glad to see her even if she wanted nothing to do with him.


“Ooh I hope….” Isis had started to say but was interrupted

“Darling please don’t try to intervene, was this you’re doing Isis?”

“What! No of course not. I just told her over the phone that he was getting married in a few weeks that’s it. I’m shock to see her here as well as you guys are” He didn’t notice a hint of a lie, he knew her all too well and could tell when she at least tries to lie.

Isis isn’t the type of person that can lie, however she can’t seem to keep a secret in either.


“Alright sweetheart”

Isis then turned her attention back to Marcelo “Let’s go inside and give them some time alone”

He nodded before excusing themselves and letting them know they will be inside.


Vladimir nodded to Marcelo and Isis, by the time he turn his attention back to Riley she was already making a retreat. Not wanting to see her go he ran after her.

“Riley wait!”

“I’m sorry I should go” she had said doubt lingered in her eyes

“What! Please don’t leave” she looked down and he followed her gaze “I’m sorry” he said removing his hold on her “Please stay” he pleaded.


Vladimir wasn’t much of a beggar but he found himself insisting and pleading, not knowing what else to say to try to convince her to stay he was surprise that she finally said “Ok, I’ll stay”


He couldn’t contain his smile “Great! Let’s go inside” He wanted to ask her so many questions but retained himself. So he then leaded her into the house.

After giving her a tour of the house Vladimir had to excused himself. Marcelo had called him saying he couldn’t find his WD-40.


“There you are. We are all going for a dip in the pool. Please join us Riley”

“I didn’t bring a swimsuit with me. I’m not sure if I should”

“Please Riley it’s been such a long time since we seen each other and hangout. If you’re worried about Vlad just pretend he isn’t there unless you want him to be. I’m not pressuring you or anything but please join us”


“As for something to wear, in the guest room upstairs there should be something for you to wear.”

Not wanting to argue with her best-friend Riley agreed to join them.

That reminds me, will you be staying here?”


“No, I just arrived today and went straight to Palms Resorts before coming to visit you.”

“Great so you won’t mind if you stay here with us. I meant there are plenty of rooms and you could take one of the guest rooms. It’s actually the same room you’re going into for the swim suit. Please say you will stay, we can go in the morning to pick the rest of your stuff at the resort.”

“I just can’t say no to that, I’ve wanted to spend some time with you. There’s so much that you don’t know that I didn’t want to tell you over the phone.”

“So it’s settled you’re staying here, and you can tell me later on all the things you never told me. Ok”

“Ok, I’ll meet you all outback”



The uneasy feeling in her chest had returned as she made her way down the stairs.


Vladimir had just exited his room and stop in his tracks as he caught the sight of Riley in nothing but a swim suit. He couldn’t stop himself.


He had long to touch her, to feel her in his arms. He didn’t hear her when she said ‘excuse me’. He began to move closer to her, close enough that her perfume had envelope him. It was such an enticing smell.


He wrapped his arms around her waist, Riley was taken by surprise.

“Vlad please don’t” she pleaded she has seen the longing in his eyes. She had hopped he wouldn’t try anything. His hold on her waist was firmed, he held her so close she couldn’t budge from his hold.


Everything felt so smooth even her hands as she cupped his faced with both her palms. Her soft warm breast against his chest was turning him on. He was wondering if she was going to kiss him as much as he long to kiss her soft luscious lips. “Please let me go” he didn’t want to let go but he did soften his hold on her.


Riley took the opportunity to make a run for it. This came to total vain.


He had caught up to her.


“Riley, I know things got out of hand but I couldn’t help it. I still have strong feelings for you, I thought they were long gone but just seen you after all this time” he had begun to say “I’m sorry, but just like when I told back then. I really did mean it.”

“Please stop, it doesn’t matter. The circumstances led us to different paths”

“No it had nothing to do with that and you know it. I was just so freaking jealous and seen you with someone else.”

“We weren’t dating Vladimir and I as well held a grudge on you when the other girls flirted with you and you didn’t turn them down. Then on graduation rumors spread that you slept with half the girls from school. But the past doesn’t change the present what’s done is done. ” She sigh before continuing “Before you get your hopes up just remember that you are spoken for”


“I never slept with any of the girls.” He interjected clearly reassuring her, of course he knew half the school wanted a piece of him but he just answered some of their random questions they had for him. He didn’t think being helpful would do any harm; it wasn’t like he was flirting with them. Yet he was dead wrong and Riley had all along had the wrong impression of him.

“What I told you that day in my room, I meant every word of it’


“Vladimir” she reached her arm to his cheek “I… I loved you back then as well but…” he didn’t like it when there was always a ‘but’ involved in her sentence. “You are getting married and I…” she hesitated she didn’t want to hurt him but it had to be said for the sake of the both. “I’m seeing someone”


He felt his heart ache, not expecting her to say this to him. He wanted, no he wished he could go back in time and make things right again but it was too late. Both were with their respected partners and here he was trying to get the one that got away back into his life.


Yet he knew that he didn’t love his fiancée. He wanted so many times to break things off but he couldn’t. His career was in the line; her father had him wrapped around his finger. If he were to leave her all doors would be close for him. Tough he wanted so much to fight for Riley.

He didn’t know what to do or how to go about ending it.

“I’m sorry” he heard her say before she started to walk away


Seen her walk away brought the aching heart ache back, he didn’t want it to hurt so much. It reminded him of the day he found out she left. He came to a decision and this time he will try to win her back no matter the circumstances but first. ‘I have to end it’ he said in a low voice that only he could hear.


Tears had started to fall as soon as she exited the back doors. She couldn’t face him for much longer, he would have seen her tears and she didn’t want that.

Not knowing who was hurting the most she knew that they couldn’t pursue each other.

She wiped her tears away before she proceeded to join the rest.


“Are you alright?” asked a concerned Isis noticing her friend acting a bit strange

Rileys vision had caught the sight of Vladimir as he was decending from the porch steps


“Your friend looks like she was crying her eyes out” a female that had been taking a small nap awoke from her slumber

“and you are?” Riley question wondering who the hell was this woman interupting a conversation

“McMillian…. Janice McMillian” Janice smiled as she stod and greated Riley “and who might you be?”

“non of your business!” Riley reproached


“Feisty I see,Oh well I don’t care anyway” she flung her wrist in a snobby way before she walked away and towards the guys who decided to play a game of catch.


They watched her walk towards the guys and flung her arms around Vladimirs shoulders before she planted her kiss. She felt her self go jealous as she witness the kissing, but it soon dawn on Riley.


‘I can’t believe my brother he brought this snobby rich girl to introduce to the family. I hate her, she is so concieded’ she had remember Isis mention this to her a few years back ‘Her name is Janice McMillian what a total bitch what was my freaking brother thinking’


“Come lets go play a game of Gnobe” Isis said interupting her thoughts. As they made their way over she noticed that Janice is really pretty, she wondered if Vladimir was crazy. Who wouldn’t want a trophy wife by his side, comparing Janice to her, Riley felt a bit insecure.


She was short and adverage but Janice, she is a model.

“Your with us Riley” Once again Isis broke her concentration but this time she was glad she did it. She didn’t want to think of herself any less. As she made her way over she seen him just staring at her.


Not once did he looked away, They were waiting for him to start this game but it was as if he had frozen. Isis literally had to walk over to him and smack him in the back of the head.


Janice didn’t like the effect that short girl had on Vladimir. She wondered now what her name was maybe that would of provided a clue.


They played three rounds of the game and Isis team won. Two – One.


“Oh Sweetheart I want a pice of that” he had spank her behind

She swung her hips seductively as she made her way up the steps. He was glad he put up a big fence around the yard and the trees prevented the neighboors from seeing her as she swung her sexy hips. That was only for his eyes and his alone.


“Baby the faster you help me clean the faster we hit the sack. She winked at him seductively, she didn’t have to say it twice he quickly took everything inside as fast as he could before he carried her all the way to their room.


Riley was about to head inside but stopped as she observed Janice approach her fiance.


She didn’t like what she was seeing, she didn’t like what she was feeling. She shouldn’t feel jealous or sad. Yet as she stood, her mind was telling her walk away but her body hadn’t register it.


Janice was throwing herself at him.


Until she couldn’t take it anymore she ran as fast as she could up the steps and into the house.


Just before she left running he caught a glimps of Riley with a tear running down her cheek.

“Janice you should head home”

“What but I want to spend the night with you”

“I’m sorry but as you can see my sister strictly said that while she had guest no girls over”

“then lets go to your place”

“It’s a long drive and seriously I just want to sleep it’s been a long day” he sigh hoping she wouldn’t argue with him

“Ok fine I’ll call you tomorrow then” she pecked him goodnight before grabbing her belogings and leaving in her car.


Riley was pacing the room, walking back and forth for several minutes. Scolding herself all the while.


She cussed herself when she herd the door to her room open then shut closed. She had forgoten to lock it on the way in. She was positive it was him and sure enough she was proven right when he began to speak up.

“I’m sorry you had to witness that” he walked up behind her and before he got any closer she spunned around and faced him.


He was almost too close that she took a few steps back.

“Riley I want you to answer me one single question, will you do that for me?” She nodded in agreement “Do you still have feelings for me?”

“I…I…” she couldn’t say it, she didn’t want to give him an answer.


“Riley please just tell me or I’m going to asume that your silence is a yes” she still didn’t say anything “Riley….” He walked a few steps closer. Rileys heart was beating so rapidly she thought she was going to have a heart attack for a split second.


“Riley” his warm breath caressed her ear sending a tingling sensation down her body as he said her name.

“Please sweetheart say it” he pleaded as he drew his lips a few centimeters away from hers.

‘Sweetheart’ for some reason she loved the feeling she gottten from hearing him say that word. She had to answer, that’s all he wanted a straight forward reply.


“Yes” she was surprised with herself, she couldn’t believe she just said that. “This is so wrong Vladimir, we shouldn’t even be in the same room together”

“All I know is that if our feelings are mutual nothing else matters” he smiled scopping her up in his arms.


It felt right…


He carried her towards the bed laying her down delicately. They kissed each other with hunger in their eyes.


“What is it?” he questioned as he felt her pull slightly away

She just stared at him unbelieving her eyes “Am I dreaming?” He let out a small chuckle “No my love, I’m as real as it gets” he smiled down at her


Her eyes were still showing concern “Don’t worry nothing is going to happen, we are just going to makeout” the concerned left her eyes and they proceeded with their makeout session.


It was getting really heated, his manhood was getting excited and he was positive she was as much or even more turned on than him. If they didn’t cool it down soon they would most likely end up making love. He didn’t think this was the best place for this to happen.


He was pulling away slowly and Riley had noticed. “Why are you stopping?” she questioned concern this time for a different reason.

“If we continue, I’m going to make love to you”

“Oh” was all she said as she blushed


“Vladimir” she said his name as they stood cuddling

“What is it?” he noticed a hint of concern and doubt

“What are we doing? I meant this…us? What’s going to happen? I don’t think you should jeopardize everything for me and Laurence” she was referring to his job, and her partner.

“Laurence huh…” he repeated the name with a hint of jealousy “We will think of something as for my job I don’t care. All I care for now is you” he assured her


Kissing her once more “I should go but please, no matter what happens. Remember that I love you and only you” he said before pecking her goodnight.


He went to his old room. Wondering how he was going to end it with Janice. He also got a bit curious and wondered how this Laurence fellow look like and if Riley would even consider breaking his heart. Knowing how Riley is that is if she hasn’t change; he just hoped she finds the courage for her to end it with this Laurence guy. He knew if he thought of it any longer he wouldn’t sleep so instead he thought of Riley and what had just happen in just one day of her arrival. He fell asleep thinking of her and the memories they would soon share together.